Do’s and don’ts : How to keep up with the latest Instagram Trends

Andress Bolger, Staff Writer

On Instagram every day feels likes a holiday. Whether it’s “Woman Crush Wednesday” or ”Summer Saturday,” Instagram always gives you a reason to wake up excited for the day.

The official weekly schedule of Instagram themes is as follows: “Man Crush” or “Mirror Pic Monday,” “Trendy Tuesday,” “Woman Crush Wednesday,” a fan favorite, “Throwback Thursday,” ”Flashback Friday,” “Summer Saturday,” and last but not least, “Selfie Sunday.” Freshman River Banks said his favorite was Man and Woman crush days saying, “I just like to see all of the attractive people on my feed.” This day is particularly good for valuing outward appearance above all else, just like the hot unrealistic celebs people post!

However, the excitement does not end there. Instagram also has the power to create national holidays such as national Best Friend Day (two to three times a year) and National Dad Day (not to be confused with Father’s Day).  Thanks to Instagram, everyday can be a holiday!

A definite Instagram don’t is making a fake account. These accounts such as “Hot Girls of Bradley” or “Hilliard Sexy People” are not only hurtful and damaging to peoples self esteem, but in all reality no one cares about your anonymous opinion and it’s totally embarrassing if you’re ever found out! These accounts have been drawing a lot of attention lately.

Freshman Eva Shultz said, “[These sites are] stupid and make people feel bad.”

Senior Vannida Saiyoeun agrees: “Making a fake account is such a waste of time and only people with no lives do it.” Overall, many students believe making this is a waste of time and a form of bullying.

Don’t forget that it’s all about the likes! If it’s not above eleven, it has to go. As far as followers go, always keep that number above the amount that you follow. Follow these few rules, remember your ‘gramming schedule, and try to get a shout out to get more followers.  

Just remember a few of these suggestions and you will be on track to a more fulfilling Instagram experience in no time. #yourewelcome

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