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Students establish Ping Pong Club

Rachael Lewandoski

Staff Writer

   Bradley has recently created a new addition to the many sports, clubs, and extra-curricular activities available. This new opportunity is Ping Pong Club, founded by Sophomores Jill Poulson and Aly Hunter.

Creating the club was a longer process than expected.  “We’ve been trying to start Ping Pong Club since August, but we just recently had our first meeting,” Poulson explained. “We got the idea from looking at another school’s yearbook and thought it would be cool to have a club like that here too.”

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Hilliard Bradley football strives for excellence

Andress Bolger, Staff Writer

   Imagine walking out onto the field, the aroma of fresh cut grass and the hot tar of the track stimulating your senses. Its game day and you are a Hilliard Bradley football player.

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Girls soccer earns first OCC title

Luke Bewley, Arts and Entertainment Editor

   The Girls soccer team at Bradley has been very successful this year. In addition to an 11-1-2 record, the girls also won their first outright OCC Championship with a 5-0-1.

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Team works hard to meet goals

Jeannine Sanchez, Staff Writer

   This season, the cross country Jaguars were very determined.

    Coach Thomas Robbins described the team as “exceptional” and said that they have “great expectations to make it to States.”

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Freshman makes hole-in-one, school history

Jasmine Williams, Sports Editor

A golfer can spend her entire life without ever hitting a hole in one.  In fact, most golfers have never even seen someone hit a hole in one.  But, one Bradley golfer accomplished this feat as a freshman this fall.
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Class of ’12 claims powder puff title for second year

Jasmine Williams, Sports Editor

   Seniors fought hard Wednesday October 5th to protect their high rank and claim the powder puff title!  

   To start off the night, the seniors faced the freshmen.  The freshmen played hard, trying to hold back the strength seniors, but were defeated by them with 16-0.

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